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Federal Pesticide Laws Course

This Applicator Recertification CEU Course teaches the full scale of Federal Pesticide Laws that was established to regulate the production, transportation, sale, use, and disposal of pesticides. Students will cover classifications of pesticides, registering pesticides, identifying tolerances of pesticides, and qualifications to become a certified applicator.

Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Introduction
Module 2 FIFRA'S Oversight
Unit 1 Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodentcide Act
Module 3 Classification of Pesticides
Unit 1 Two Primary Classifications of Pesticides
Module 4 Certified Applicators
Unit 1 Qualifications of Certified Applicators
Module 5 Pesticide Registration
Unit 1 Importance of Pesticide Registration
Module 6 Tolerances
Unit 1 What is Safe?
Module 7 Violations
Unit 1 7 Illegal Actions That May Result in Federal Penalty
Module 8 Other Federal Laws and Regulations
Unit 1 FDCA, FQPA, WPS, and ESA
Module 9 Quiz
Unit 1 Quiz


Welcome to this CEU on Federal Pesticide Laws. My name is Zach McCulley, your instructor. I have designed this course to provide you with expert knowledge of Federal Pesticide Laws. As I take you through the course, be sure to take notes on each section, as there will be a comprehensive exam at the end. Good Luck!

Zach McCulley

Zach McCulley - Instructor

Massachusetts Course Approval

CourseCourse NumberCEU
Federal Pesticide Laws2015-0003081hr. Any Category

CEU Pricing: $15 each

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Applicator Recertification Requirements

Applicator Recertification Requirements

All pesticide applicators and Licensed Dealers are required to accumulate these contact hours every (3) three years. The number of contact hours required is as follows:

  • Dealer License - 3 hrs.
  • Commercial Applicator License - 6 hrs.
  • Private Certification - 12 hrs. (per category)
  • Commercial Certification - 12 hrs. (per category)

At the end of your three year cycle you may be audited to verify that you have attended approved continuing education. If you do not attend the required number of contact hours you will not be able to renew your license or certification. In order to obtain a future license you would have to take the necessary exam(s) again.

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