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We offer a variety of CEUs APPROVED by the West Virginia Department of Agriculture for WV Applicators. Below you can see the courses that we offer and you can click on them to learn more. CEUs are available to purchase individually or in a bundle.

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Applicator Recertification Requirements

PRIVATE APPLICATORS, COMMERCIAL APPLICATORS, and CERTIFIED PUBLIC APPLICATORS must meet the following recertification requirements in order to maintain certification:

  • must attend approved training programs in order to accumulate recertification credits in CORE and appropriate CATEGORY-SPECIFIC topics at (3) year intervals.
  • (6) core credits and up to (10) category credits for each category in which the applicator is certified
  • (10) category specific credits are required for recertification under Demonstration and Research

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One Continuing Education Unit (CEU) equals (1) hour of educational instruction.

A CEU may be credited to more than one (1) category if it is approved in that(those) category(s); however, an applicator can not receive credit for the same course

An applicator who does not meet recertification credit requirements by the expiration date will no longer be permitted to make pesticide applications until the license is reinstated. The applicator is allowed up to one year to reinstate the license by obtaining the necessary recertification credits and paying the appropriate fees. Should the certification be expired longer than one-year period, reexamination is required for recertification.

Category 1Agricultural Plant
Category 2Agricultural Animal
Category 3Forest Pest Control
Category 4AOrnamental and Turf Outdoors
Category 4BIndoor Ornamental
Category 5Seed Treatment
Category 6Aquatic
Category 7Right-of-Way/Industrial Weed Control
Category 8AGeneral Pest Control
Category 8BStructural Pest Conrtol
Category 8CFumigation
Category 8DWood Treatment
Category 8EUrban IPM
Category 9Public Health
Category 10Regulatory
Category 11Demonstration and Research
Category 12Pesticide Storage and Distribution
Category 13APredator Control
Category 13BSewer Root Control
Category 13CHardwood Tree Release
Category 13DMosquito Control
Category 13EBlack Fly Control
Category 14Aerial

OnlinePestControlCourses.com is proud to work with the United States Department of Agriculture, West Virginia Department of Agriculture, the Environmental Protection Agency and the State of West Virginia to provide APPROVED RECERTIFICATION COURSES for applicators.

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